HI THERE. I’m a Toronto and New York City based video producer with an affinity for wellness, travel, and diverse conversations that empower change.

My professional life as a producer — previously a line producer and production manager — has given me the incredible opportunity to redefine world leading brands within the US and Canadian digital media, agency, and TVC landscape.

I appreciate and meet the creative and technical challenges of every project; I keep an international outlook when crafting global brand experience; and I am ultimately just happy to be here making content with teams that inspire me.

FUN FACT. I created my own female conversation web series — titled Sex Café — in which any self-identifying woman unapologetically discusses female sexuality, female sexual health, social awareness, and political issues. The first season of the show was picked-up by LA-based streaming company, REVRY.

Feel free to reach out with hellos, inquiries, and upcoming projects!


Video Production

Commercial Photography

Branded Content

Social Media Strategy

Studio / Line Production

Storytelling / Creative Concept


I want to make work and prompt ideas that are disruptive, provoke thought, and challenge us to find solutions.