20TH Anniversary Social Campaigns

Dasha was the lead copywriter at creative agency Scratch and handled all digital copy for the Art Interiors' campaigns. She acted as their social media writer, and would strategically curate social media calendars for scheduled posting. The client's 20th Anniversary Social campaigns were a variety of posts and user-engagement based contests to promote the Canadian art distribution shop. 


Social Media Marketing


Art Interiors


Art Interiors hired Scratch to develop a 3-month long campaign to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the Canadian art distribution shop. Scratch has worked with Art Interiors successfully on previous projects. We developed a series of online contests that launched weekly to promote the 20th year celebration of the Festival of Smalls. During this time, we took over community management for all the Art Interiors social channels with engaging weekly content such as “Fashion Mondays”. 

The AdWords SEM campaigns were improved to generate a better CPC rate and increase CPA’s. We doubled the impressions with a strategized target approach.

[1] Original content on Scratch website.