This World Wildlife Fund campaign was a prototype collaboration with Venmo to promote the WWF's environmental "Go Green" message. 

 The creative brief was for the WWF to engage the hearts, minds and wallets of younger audiences in the areas of Wildlife, Climate & Energy, and Water; with intent for these users to drive new revenue throughout the year. 

Billboard Mockup

Billboard Mockup

With Gen X and Gen Y users as the target audience, our team decided to pitch a partnership with Venmo to engage this market to support the WWF causes through incremental payments. We knew it would be more difficult to get younger users to "care" so we went directly with a social movement that would cost almost nothing, and become a shareable conversation at the click of a button.  We called this one-click solution: Make Mine Green. The incentive was for any Venmo user to have the option to add an additional 5% "invisible tax" to the pay request on behalf of the WWF protection fund. The campaign strategy was simple: when you charge a friend, ask if they want to contribute another 5% towards the cause, and every contributor's venmo logo would then turn green. We aimed for the #MakeMineGreen campaign to establish a new language.

You: Just venmo me.
Me: Okay, make mine green.

And hey, if you want more of an incentive...all users get cash back due to credit, so you're helping the environment and getting making some money in the end. We saw it as a progressive way to take charge of the environment. Please see the presentation for the budget and profit breakdown.

[1] The presentation.