Previously a lead copywriter and content strategist at Scratch, a boutique creative agency in Toronto (Canada), Dasha integrated strategy and innovative design to establish a unique voice for each campaign and client. She is an experienced writer, having worked with clients representing a majority of products and industries; from fashion, to law firms, design firms, art galleries, dental health, beverage companies, and home appliance manufacturers. 

She worked as the lead copywriter and editor on projects such as:

Before moving to New York City, her concluding internal project with the company was to rebrand the Scratch website, in collaboration with the creative director. After months of process for tone, look, and feel, the final pitch had established a playful (though professional), and authentic voice for the brand. The content aims to showcase the scale of comical personalities that make-up the agency, while showcasing the commitment to their clients.

[1] Scratch website.