Sex Café Show: A Web Series

An unapologetic, open conversation web series with women discussing female sexuality, gender equality, and everything that comes with it.  

The purpose of the show is to have women share their authentic opinions, knowledge and experiences in relation to their sexualities. This is not your mother's sexual education. We intend to include as wide a range of experiences and life positions as there are women.

I am the co-creator behind the Sex Café show. I act as the line-producer and director, while helping with string-outs in post-production and liaising with the editor on final cuts. Sex Café was inspired by my ambition to build community through engaging, conscious, and evocative content. I noticed there was a serious lack of conversations supporting female sexuality as a gender norm, and wanted to fill the gap with an informative, open, and playful visual series.

Sex Café is licensed (non-exclusive agreement) for its first season through REVRY. Please reach out if you're interested in the show!

sex café: serving up cocktails & controversy